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Dog Packages

Nail Trims

One of our most convenient services offered is our nail trims. No more loading up all the dogs in the car and long waiting times in a lobby. We come to you! We trim your dog’s nails to the appropriate length and file them to remove any sharp edges.  This is a great option if you already have the groomer you love but just need a nail trim in between appointments.

Spa Package
Dogs 25 lbs and under only


Massaging Bath

Nail trim or filing

Gentle ear cleaning

Convenience fee

Anal gland expression

Cage free drying and brush out

Starting at $80

*All prices are estimates and subject to change due to temperament, coat condition or difficulty of trim.

Cat With Blue Eyes

Cat Packages

Short Hair Groom

This is a great option for the short haired cats needing a freshening up or to decrease shedding around the house!


Starting at

Long Hair Groom

This is for the kitties with all the fluff that need a groom and a brush out!


Starting at

Plush Cut

This is a great option for long haired cats that just need a maintenance trim.


Starting at

Lion Trim

This is the purrfect trim for cats struggling with tangles frequently. It is also a great option if you would like your home to stay hair free for longer periods of time!


Starting at

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